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Voting By Mail is BEST…And It Gives You Options!

Voting by Mail (VBM) is increasingly the preferred way for voters to cast their ballots.  Why?

  1. Signing up DOES NOT prevent you from voting in person, if you choose to do so later
  2. VBM uses exactly the same ballot you would use at the polls
  3. VBM is secure
  4. VBM can be done from the comfort of your home at YOUR convenience
  5. VBM lets you skip the lines and crowds on Election Day
  6. VBM provides the most options for you to return your ballot
  7. VBM lets you take the time you need to make thoughtful decisions
  8. VBM frees you from worrying that a change in plans could stop you from voting on Election Day
  9. And best of all, by checking the box to join the Annual Mail-In Request, you can sign up one time each year and automatically receive Mail-In Ballots for every election that year


Three Easy Steps to Vote By Mail

  1. Request a Ballot – You can do this NOW! Requests must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday — 7 days before Election Day.
    1. If you need to check your registration, here’s how.
  2. Complete Your Ballot – As soon as it arrives in October.  Don’t wait!
      1. Fill in the ballot with BLUE or BLACK ink – Our endorsed candidates are here.
      2. Fold it and seal it into the unaddressed, white secrecy envelope.
      3. Place that envelope into the outer, addressed envelope and seal it.
      4. Be sure to place the CURRENT DATE on the envelope and SIGN your ballot. (Don’t use your birthday.)

      IMPORTANT: Failure to follow these steps could result in your ballot not being counted, so please follow these instructions carefully.

    1. If you DID NOT receive your ballot, don’t worry.  You have until 8pm on Election day to get it turned in.  If you have not received it before Election Day, you can still vote at the polls using a Provisional Ballot.
  3. Mail Your Ballot Immediately – At your home (preferred) or at one of these drop box locations before 8pm on Election Day
    1. Want to track your ballot?  You can do that, too.


Mail-In Voting on Election Day

Need to vote on Election Day, but can’t get to your poll?  You can go to the Delaware County Voter Service Center and Vote On Demand, too. Just visit the Media Voter Service Center, Govt. Center Building, 201 W. Front Street, Media, PA 19063-2728


Want to Know More?

The one rule to know is that you can always VOTE on Election Day, so don’t be discouraged.  Contact us if you need assistance.

More detailed instructions as well as how to request forms in different languages can be found at this County website.

You can also learn more at this Pennsylvania state website.