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Charlotte Hummel is an attorney in private practice in Lansdowne, Delaware County. She concentrates on estate planning and much of her work is preparing end of life documents (pro bono). She also works with individuals and groups to establish non-profit corporations. She has been politically active since 1972 when she worked for the McGovern campaign in New Jersey. She worked with fellow Democrats in Lansdowne starting in 1991 to turn the borough “blue” and oust Republicans who had controlled the town for 105 years. She was among the founders of The Lansdowne Leader a Democratic Committee newspaper that has been in continuous publication since 1993. She has served in public office as a Borough Auditor (elected – 3 years), Borough Council member (appointed – 2 years) and William Penn School Board Director (elected – 16 Years). She ran, unsuccessfully, for State Representative in 1998. She currently serves at Chair of the Lansdowne Democratic Committee. She is married to Andy Farquhar with whom she raised Elliot (Penn Wood Class of 2011 – Lt. USN Submarine Service) and Zoe (Penn Wood Class of 2012 – PhD in Communications Studies). In her spare time she knits, sews, reads, gardens, and tries (unsuccessfully) to stay out of trouble.