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Judge Matt Wolf is the Supervising Civil Judge of the Philadelphia Municipal Court (PMC), Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Responsible for advising the PMC President Judge on all matters related to policies and procedures for the Civil Division of the Philadelphia Municipal Court, elected 2017.

∙ Architect of the eviction diversion program evolution into a “national model,” recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice (, locally, statewide, and nationally ( contributing to $297 million disbursed to aid 46,300 at-risk households within just 30 months.

∙ Actively liaising among court and stakeholders including City Council, Mayor, City of Philadelphia Health and Human Services, Community Legal Services, and bar.

∙ Currently engaged in multi-year effort to modernize and transform the Civil Division with an eye toward equity, access to justice and national best practices.

∙ Engaged with the National Center for State Courts on a weekly basis under a two-year grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts in modernization efforts.

∙ Currently overseeing complete revision of Philadelphia Municipal Court Civil Rules. ∙ Oversaw complete revision of Philadelphia Municipal Court Civil Division website which is now live at:

∙ Responsible for annual reporting of the Civil Division and setting future goals/milestones. ∙ Recipient of the Hon. Louis H. Pollak Award, given annually to a Judge who embodies Judge Pollak’s commitment to public service, in December 2022.

∙ Work on the Civil Division has been transformative, substantially changing the court for the better.

Prior to being elected to the Philadelphia Municipal Court bench, Judge Wolf practiced law in the Delaware Valley. Mostly suing for civil rights. Appeals were handled in the Pennsylvania Superior Court, Third Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court (Petition for Certification), New Jersey Appellate Division, New Jersey Supreme Court.

∙ Filed numerous lawsuits based on housing, race, gender, pregnancy, disability, police misconduct, and whistle-blower protection, among many claims for discrimination.

∙ Tried numerous civil rights Plaintiff’s jury trials, resulting in favorable verdicts.

∙ Argued (and won) before the New Jersey Supreme Court:

Military Experience: Currently serving in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, MOS: 19D, previously served in two different combat zones, earned Bronze Star Medal.