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In November 2017, Kevin Madden, along with running mate Brian Zidek, became the first ever Democrats elected to Delaware County Council. Their victory in 2017 was followed by a clean sweep of the other three seats on Delaware County Council in 2019, putting control of Delaware County government in Democratic hands for the first time in over 160 years.  

Since this change in control, the new County Council has:

  • Brought transparency and accountability where it was sorely lacking;
  • Passed the broadest set of ethics reform measures in the County’s history;
  • Initiated the process of establishing a County Health Department;
  • Taken the first steps toward ending the management of our county jail by a for-profit company;
  • Established modern, transparent hiring practices;
  • Established with our District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer a Task Force on Criminal Justice Reform to foster equality in justice both inside and outside the realm of law enforcement;
  • Hired the first ever Chief Sustainability Officer, established an Open Space Fund, and prioritized the preservation of our remaining open space;
  • Ensured broad and equal access to our elections, in the midst of a pandemic;
  • Cut wasteful spending and ended no-bid contracts to favored vendors, and ensured no tax increases;

Of particular note, Kevin serves as Chair of the Jail Oversight Board for the George W Hill Correctional Facility, and since his election as Chair, the Jail Oversight Board has begun the process of ending the contract for prison management with a for-profit company.

Kevin was born and raised in Media, is a third-generation Delaware County resident, and currently resides in Haverford Township.

Prior to running for County Council, Kevin has been a successful business builder, investor and executive, having spent his career founding, advising to and investing in business across a wide range of industries. Kevin is co-founder and Managing Partner of Saothair Capital Partners, an investment firm focused on acquiring and revitalizing industrial and manufacturing companies facing significant operational and financial challenges. Previously, Kevin was an investing partner for StartUp Health, the world’s largest organization supporting and investing exclusively in early-stage health technology companies, with over 30,000 innovators within the StartUp Health Network. Kevin was also Vice President of KPS Capital Partners, a family of investment funds with approximately $5.5 billion of assets under management. During his nine years at KPS, Kevin was part of the core deal team on five investment platforms across the Automotive Parts, Metals Processing, Consumer, Healthcare and Textile Products industries. Collectively, these investments created thousands of jobs and built strong, sustainable businesses.

Kevin attended Vanderbilt University, where he was a National Merit Scholar and a Paul Harrawood Scholarship recipient, and received his B.E. in Civil Engineering and Mathematics. Kevin also studied at the Universidad Católica in Santiago, Chile. 

Outside his work on Delaware County Council, Kevin serves on the Board of the Delaware County Historical Society and is on the Board of the Media Theatre for the Performing Arts.