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Senator John Kane is a plumber and local labor leader who has spent his life fighting for working people and working families. He has personally battled through many of the challenges facing Pennsylvanians today, and continues to be a voice at the table for Delaware and Chester Counties.

After graduating high school in Delaware County, Kane joined Plumbers Local 690, the union he represented as business manager for five terms. Kane led his union through the Great Recession, which put nearly 500 members out of work. As members struggled with mental health issues and substance abuse, Kane provided strong, steady leadership and worked to deliver a recovery that brought his local back stronger than ever.

Kane’s union benefits also helped him through his own personal struggles. At the age of 22, Kane sought treatment for alcohol addiction. His union benefits allowed him the treatment he needed, and he now proudly has 37 years sobriety. In 2015, Kane was diagnosed with stage three cancer. Thanks to his union healthcare, and the incredible doctors, nurses, and hospital staff, Kane has been cancer-free for five years. He knows that his experience isn’t unique, and is ready to fight for affordable healthcare for all Pennsylvanians.

Kane lives in Birmingham with his wife, Lori. He sits on the board of the Livengrin Foundation, which provides addiction treatment across Southeastern PA.