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Dave is a lifelong resident of Delaware County, a veteran, a truck driver, a husband, and a father.

He has served as the President and Principal Officer for the Teamsters Local 312. Working for his union, he got to see firsthand the struggles of the men and women in his union. He sees families in Delaware County suffering from stagnant wages and increasing taxes, while giant corporations who can afford teams of lobbyists get by paying less and less.

In Harrisburg as our State Representative, he is a tireless fighter, putting people first and fighting for jobs, better schools, and justice for everyone.

Dave has never wavered from being staunchly pro-choice, pro-environment, and pro-union.

He has worked to increase and equalize public school funding, protect women’s healthcare, the enaction of sensible gun laws, criminal justice reforms, and to support and protect seniors and those in need.

Dave has brought back millions of tax dollars in state funding to the district and region for education, infrastructure, safety and jobs. And he keeps on fighting for more resources for Delco.