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As a southeastern PA native and the only candidate in the 160th district with government experience, Cathy Spahr understands how the intersection of state and local government impacts individuals and businesses in Pennsylvania. She knows that Delaware and Chester Counties need a State Representative that’s committed to fighting for Equity. The Greater Good. The People.

Cathy is your neighbor. Cathy is a working mom of twin, ten year old boys, Julien and Charlie. Just like many of us, she has weathered the difficult terrain of working while ensuring her boys have the best start in life. From finding affordable daycare, navigating Medicaid and CHIP, to working through learning differences, Cathy knows the struggle working families have while still ensuring the best opportunities for their family’s future.

Cathy leads with integrity. With over 24 years of sobriety, Cathy has adopted a world view that demands rigorous honesty and integrity, an unwavering moral compass, and steadfast commitment and dedication.


  • Cathy advocates for women. Cathy is adamant about protecting a woman’s right to choose. If attacks on women’s rights succeed, the government is fostering generations of poor, underserved families.

  • Cathy stands up to the opioid crisis. Cathy is staunchly committed to developing more resources for overdose patients, rehabilitation and preventative programs surrounding the opioid crisis. Pennsylvania programs urgently need funding for better treatment and prevention.

  • Cathy is an environmental champion. Cathy launched We Speak for the Trees, an organization that delivers copies of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax to legislators in Harrisburg and Washington D.C. Children write personal requests for conservation and environmental preservation in each book and deliver them to members of Congress. This places our youth at the helm of transforming the future of natural resources.

  • Cathy believes in a living wage for all. Everyone deserves equal pay for the same job, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion. Over the years, Cathy has worked minimum wage and low wage jobs without benefits, and she understands the struggle to put food on the table and live paycheck to paycheck. Cathy believes in the power of unions to protect workers and ensure a responsible path toward a sustainable future.

  • Cathy demands smart gun legislation. Cathy earned the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate designation (2018). She understands that common sense gun laws and solutions are needed in Pennsylvania – laws that protect everyone, while considering the rights of all citizens.