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The people of the 160th deserve a representative who will: stand with families, stand for realizing the American Dream, and stand for protecting our Democracy.

In Harrisburg, I will fight for families. Specifically: 

I will stand up for a woman’s unfettered right to choose if and when to have children.

I will stand up for common sense gun safety legislation supported by the majority of voters in the Commonwealth, including universal background checks, extreme risk protection orders, and training for first time gun purchasers. And I will fight to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines so we can ALL feel safer.

I will stand up for guaranteeing clean air and water, preserving open space, and tackling climate change so that our families and future generations can enjoy the quality of life they deserve.

Growing up in a working class immigrant family, ‘realizing the American Dream’ wasn’t just a slogan for me…it was my life. So when I talk about helping all people realize the American Dream, I’m talking about treating all people with respect and dignity. I’m talking about establishing a living wage for all and equal-pay-for-equal-work for women. I’m talking about fair and full school funding so that all of our children–no matter their zip code–can have the same opportunity to realize their full potential. I’m talking about expanding business ownership opportunities for women and minorities.

Finally, I stand for protecting our Democracy, ending gerrymandering, making voting easier and more secure, and ensuring that no one, including our President, is above the law.