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Amanda Hammock is a lifelong resident of Delco, who currently serves as the Chief of Staff for Rep. Jennifer O’Mara, and as Mayor of Morton.

She is a current Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee member who is looking to be reelected to a second term.

Amanda is the daughter and spouse to military Veterans, as well as being a member of a proud Union household (IUEO 542). She currently serves as the 3rd VP of the Women’s Democratic Club of Delaware County and is the regional director for PA Federation of Democratic Women. Amanda has served the Democratic Party in various capacities over the past thirteen years, here at home and across the Commonwealth. Having worked in campaigns, with organizations including Indivisible groups and the Women’s Club, she truly understands the power of boots on the ground and the hard work it takes to protect our democracy. As a fierce advocate to have all voices heard, Amanda believes that the diversity of Delco is its greatest strength and will continue to fight to ensure there is representation at all tables of discussion.

Her work in a legislative office allows Amanda a unique perspective of hearing on a daily basis the impact of electing good, or bad, legislators have on the citizens of the Commonwealth. This is a unique perspective and allows Amanda to see firsthand the impact that elections and politics have on individuals. As a board member of a non-profit for suicide prevention and awareness, Amanda also knows just how important communication can be, especially when it comes to difficult conversations.

Amanda is familiar with the hard work it takes to get things done and has never been afraid of the fight, the long hours and the sacrifices it takes to ensure our democracy is protected and continues on.