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Our focus is on putting Pennsylvania issues first, fighting for families, seniors, students, and veterans, and working to elect Democrats across the state, while holding Republicans accountable across the board. From the grassroots to the Capitol steps, the only way we can move our state forward is if we work together to build a stronger, better Delaware County Democratic Party.

Our Purpose

The Delaware County Democratic Committee is committed to a business-like approach to the political process, especially as it relates to campaigning and to the success of our candidates. In order to accomplish this objective, we strive to equip our candidates and Democratic Committee Members with the training and technology necessary to compete in today’s high-tech environment.

Our Party is the Party of diversity and inclusion. Therefore, the doors of the Delaware County Democratic Committee are open to anyone who will work with us for Democratic victories at all levels of government. The people who represent the Delaware County Democratic Committee work hard year-round, in communities, government, and local organizations to build support for our candidates and the Democratic Agenda benefiting all American families.

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