What The PA House Majority Is Doing For You

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We’d like to highlight a recent article from the Delco Times from our amazing PA Speaker of the House, Rep. Joanna McClinton

“As August closes, it also concludes my first six months serving as Pennsylvania’s first woman speaker of the House, and every day I am just as grateful to serve my neighbors (while) in Harrisburg as I was when I was first elected in 2015.

It is a privilege to advocate for issues and advance policies that not only strengthen the communities that I represent in Philadelphia and Delaware counties, but that will benefit neighborhoods across Pennsylvania.

While I’ve been in the position for six months, some mornings I still pinch myself (over the fact) that my colleagues have entrusted me with the honor of serving in the state House’s highest position. I am very proud of what the House has been able to achieve in the time since I was elected speaker.”

Please read the whole article here!