Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon’s 2021 Year in Review

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From Medium on Dec 29, 2021

2021 has been nothing if not a year of extremes. The rapid development and rollout of effective vaccines was a bright spot, yet the pandemic continues to rage with the death toll from COVID-19 still tragically rising. A robust economic recovery, record profits for many large businesses, and wage gains for some workers come as low-wage workers, caregivers, and certain sectors of the economy, such as restaurants and child care, suffer continued economic pain. And the horror of an armed attack on our Capitol by radical partisans intent on disrupting the peaceful transfer of power stands in stark contrast to the courage of those who have acted to defend the Capitol, our constitution, and the rule of law.

The past year has been far from easy, but Representative Mary Gay Scanlon is incredibly proud of the work Congress has done to improve the lives of all Americans and the work her team has done with local officials and agencies to bring relief and real opportunity to the people of Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District.

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