Delco council spars over bids for health insurance

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From the Delco Times,

“Councilman Brian Zidek made a motion to authorize advertising a request for proposals for the insurance broker services related to the administration of insurance of the county’s health care planned benefits. Eventually, the motion failed along party lines with Democrats Zidek and Kevin Madden voting in favor and Republican council members John McBlain, Colleen Morrone and Michael Culp opposed.

“It is my desire for this service as any other service of the county to be competitively bid and that we make sure that we are hiring the best person or firm for the job,” Zidek said of the $44 million budget item. “That may very well be Gallagher. I just would like it to be bid to make sure we are getting the best bang for the buck.”

“I find it curious that you wouldn’t want to bid things out,” he said. “We’ve had this issue on a couple of other occasions. I don’t relish the drama that surround these issues. We could just bid things out and come up with a good solution.””