Elex Board greenlights new Haverford College poll location

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From the Delco Times:

“MEDIA — The Delaware County Bureau of Elections voted unanimously Monday to move the polling place for Haverford’s Fifth Ward, Third Precinct onto the campus of Haverford College.

“It feels like a moment for democracy in a way because this is more access, and making it easier to vote for everyone should be our goal and I think this does that,” said Zachary Oberfield, a political science professor at the college.

“I think it’s really exciting that students are just going to have better access to the polls,” said Max Epstein, 21, a senior at the college studying chemistry and co-president of the Haverford College Democrats. “A lot of students already find it pretty difficult to vote with their schedules and taking classes, so being able to have close access to the polls will make it somewhat easier for them to participate.””