County controller questions $370G in prison legal bills

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From the Delco Times,

“The 1,800-plus inmate prison is managed by Florida-based GEO Group and its contract with Delaware County expires Dec. 31. In conjunction with that, the prison board has been evaluating whether to stay with the private operator versus the advantages and disadvantages of bringing in a public operator.

Earlier this week, (Delaware County Controller Joanne) Phillips, a Democrat, gave county council a memo outlining her concern about the legal fees tallied by three law firms – DiOrio & Sereni LLP, Ronald G. Henry, PLLC and Blank, Rome, Cominsky & McCauley. Her calculations determined $372,258 had been billed by the three to the county for work related to the procurement of an operator for the prison.

“Considering the magnitude of the expenses and my concern over possible duplicative work, I am calling this to your attention and ask that you review this work and confirm that the county should pay certain of these bills as submitted,” Phillips wrote in her memo.”