Chair Colleen Guiney’s Address to the Delaware County Democratic Committee

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Thank you everyone! I am honored and humbled to accept your selection as Chair of the Delaware County Democratic Committee for the next four years.

To all the Elected Committee People here and those who could not attend today, I thank you for running and serving. You are the backbone of the Democratic Party. Whatever we achieve will be in large part because of your ideas and dedication.

I want to thank David Landau and John Kane for their decades of work to build this party, to inspire so many of us during this reorganization, and now to commit to work together with all of us to move the Democratic Party forward. I want to also thank those who came before, particularly our former Chair, Cliff Wilson and all those who have worked under his leadership. And to all who have committed to step up to Chair local Committees during our coming municipal reorganizations – I thank you for your leadership.

We are a diverse and powerful group of activists. Together, we are changing the face of Delaware County, and for your work on this effort, I am truly grateful. We are bringing hope to many neighborhoods – with ripples that extend to Harrisburg and soon, we hope, to Washington DC. We are gathered together today to build on what has been accomplished, and to come together to serve all of our communities – not just some. Thank you for bringing us this far!

I am not a traditional choice for a County Chair. By profession, I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and am very fortunate to have had the privilege to serve thousands of children and their families in our region for over 20 years. As I have watched these children grow, I see the impact our government has had on their lives. I am determined to make their lives better by helping to elect more caring, dedicated Democrats. Personally, I am standing on the shoulders of devoted parents, and especially want to thank my mom, Patrice Guiney for her love and inspiration. Someday, maybe I will have a chance to tell you a story or two about my dad.

Today, in this room, there are hundreds of stories – of patriotism and service, of suffering, of discrimination, stories of struggle and achievement, stories of illness – sometimes with recovery, and other times, with tragic loss. There are stories of families working to make a better future for their children, and some caring for aging or infirm relatives. In this room, we have teachers and artists; truck drivers and computer geeks. Some own small businesses, others stand in solidarity with our Union sisters and brothers. We have those who work with their hands and brains to build and maintain the infrastructure we all rely on – and those who protect us from fire and the dangers on our streets – – and even a few attorneys! When we come together with all those skills for a common cause we will be stronger and wiser.

Our work is to provide support to Democratic candidates who will serve all of us on school boards and in municipal government, from the Judiciary to the Governor’s mansion and the halls of Congress. I pledge today to do all in my power to lift every voice that seeks to work together to this end.

I need you to join me to be a part of this team effort to the fullest extent you can. It takes many hands and voices to make this happen. Please join me as we listen to each other in this room, and those in our broader community.

Let us draw deep on our inspiration, on our personal stories and talents, and follow the words of two of my favorite Presidents – Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln. Let’s “lace up our shoes and do some organizing” … let’s “grab a clipboard”, and recruit, support and elect representatives “of the people and by the people and for the people!”
I do want to give you my new email address – [email protected] – I will do my best to stay in touch if you reach out to me.