Delco Dems now outnumber GOP

If something feels a bit different in Delaware County when you go to the polls next month, here's why: Democratic voters now outnumber Republican voters in the longtime GOP stronghold. For the first time ever.

The Democrats' new registration edge is only 664 voters, but we're talking about a place where the last time a Democrat beat a Republican in a countywide race, booze was still illegal. It was the 1933 sheriff's race and – oh, who cares?

LETTER: Boonin: I'll bring new vision as Delco controller

To the Times:

I am David Boonin of Swarthmore, the Democratic candidate for Delaware County Controller. We need to change the controller’s office from a complacent rubber stamp that just totals the county’s expenses and pays wasteful bills to an office that assures that our tax dollars are spent efficiently. Mandated financial audits are not enough. 

Corbett Compares Gay Marriage to Incest

Tom Corbett put himself at the center of controversy Friday morning when he compared same-sex unions to a relationship between brother and sister.

Sherry Christian of CBS21 in Harrisburg asked the Governor about a legal brief filed by lawyers for his administration in August. It compared the validity of marriage licenses obtained by same sex couples in Pa. to hypothetical licenses given to a pair of 12-year olds.

WaPo: PA-Guv Most Likely to See Party Switch

For the third month in a row, the Washington Post named Pennsylvania as the state most likely to see a party change in the governor’s office.
In August and July, the newspaper had listed Tom Corbett as the country’s most vulnerable governor. “The Fix” had previously ranked Pennsylvania’s leader as third in June and fifth in May.
In addition, “The Fix” called Rob McCord’s entrance a complication for Allyson Schwartz.

Here’s the WaPo writeup: