Release: Santora Improperly Campaigns on Township Dime



DREXEL HILL - Jamie Santora,  Republican candidate for the 163rd State House seat, is using taxpayer dollars to campaign during election season with taxpayer funded mail. State law restricts legislators from sending mail to their constituents during election season; however, Santora has used Upper Darby tax dollars and the Mayor’s office to do exactly what an incumbent legislator is prohibited from doing. The letter from Mayor Micozzie promotes Santora's profile on Council.


“It’s campaigning with taxpayers dollars,” said David Landau, Chairman of the Delaware County Democratic Party. “There is a reason this is illegal for State Representatives in the legislature. It’s unethical campaigning, it’s misuse of taxpayer dollars, and most importantly it is an abuse of the public’s trust.”


The letter signed on one side by the Mayor and signed by Santora on the other (see attached image), came just two days after Santora sent his first two campaign mailers raising questions about the coordination of his public office and campaign.


The Mayor’s letter explicitly letter states that he is normally the one to hold meetings and send information to the Township, but that he is promoting Santora’s work this Fall instead. Santora has even posted a picture of the taxpayer funded letter on his campaign Facebook page (see attached image). The image on his Facebook page is a digital file presumably accessed through township employees. A right-to-know request revealed the letter costs Upper Darby Taxpayers nearly $13,000.


“This kind of abuse of power ought to offend  every taxpayer in Upper Darby,”said Landau. “ The Santora campaign should repay the township and give Upper Darby residents back their tax money.”



Santora is one of eleven Council people representing the Township and is the only Council person featured. It is unclear if Santora has ever sent a letter to the Township in his three years on Council until now.