Candidate Spotlight: Chuck Hadley

Chuck Hadley spotlight

Chuck Hadley is a husband, a father of three, and a successful business leader from Radnor. As someone who helped create thousands of jobs across America and turn innovative companies and products into successful businesses, he knows that Pennsylvania needs good schools, good infrastructure, and lower property taxes to build a better future. Under Gov. Corbett and Rep. Bill Adolph – who wrote the disastrous Corbett budgets – we’ve been going in the wrong direction.

 "I’m running for State House in the 165th District because our current representative thinks Harrisburg is working – and I don’t. I’m sick and tired of Harrisburg politicians grabbing every perk they can for themselves, and then turning around and slashing education funding and hiking taxes on the middle class. My opponent celebrates failure, and that’s not right.”

Chuck has worked for decades with entrepreneurs to turn bold ideas into life-saving new medical technologies, creating thousands of new jobs in the process. He spent two years working for a charity in West Africa, Technoserve, that’s dedicated to fighting poverty by teaching entrepreneurial farmers how to start and run small, rural agriculture-based businesses, and today he serves on their Global Advisory Council. He’s also on the investment advisory board of the Southeastern PA Chapter of the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Pennsylvania, an agency that has created tens of thousands of jobs across the state through investments in start-ups.

Chuck believes we need to tax the drillers, fund our schools, and stop passing the buck for state services to the middle class while big corporations get big tax breaks and Harrisburg politicians take every perk and benefit they can. He’ll refuse every perk, and fight for us.


“Harrisburg is broken, and the middle class is struggling, but politicians like William Adolph are happy with the status quo. I’m not. We can do better than billion dollar education cuts, rising middle class taxes, and an economy ranked 47th in the nation. I’ll make sure Harrisburg works for us.”