Dem council candidates set sights on write-in campaign

Following an unfortunate process of filing our Democratic county candidates' petitions, we want every Democrat to come out for the primary to write-in our candidates and show the GOP that they are playing with fire.  We'll have details about how to perform a write-in vote in future posts, but get ready to show your support for a terrific group of county leaders!  ed.


Christine Reuther

Media>> Democrats running for Delaware County council decided against filing an appeal, gearing up for a write-in campaign.

“The decision is to focus on the write-in campaign and pursue that rather than pursing the appeal,” said J. Manly Parks, attorney from Duane Morris LLP who represents all three candidates. “The outcome of a legal matter is inherently uncontrollable,” including the decision in common pleas court that removed the candidates from the ballot. “We prefer to put this matter in the hands of the voters of Delaware County,” he added. 

Common Pleas Judge James Proud decided Democrats Christine Reuther, Richard Womack and Jack Evans failed to properly file statements of financial interest with the county clerk’s office before the March 10 deadline. His ruling pulled the candidates from the primary ballot.

“Six weeks is a short period of time, relatively speaking. But we are not starting from zero,” Reuther said Monday.

Ten days lapsed since the court’s decision. Party leadership contemplated moving forward with an appeal, but the final decision was unclear until Monday’s deadline.

Reuther mentioned she discussed the appeal scenario with Womack. She said they both agreed it would be a “distraction,” which would take away from time that could be spent ensuring they make it on the general election ballot.

“I don’t really want to waste more time fighting an appeal,” Womack said during a brief phone conversation Monday.

He said the voters sent a “strong message” about who they want to see sitting on county council.

“We need to reach out to our committee people and to our Democratic constituents who are going to be voting in the primary,” Reuther said.

Evans directed all questions to Delaware County Democratic Committee Chairman David Landau. “We agree with their decision and the party is going to be 1,000 percent behind them.”

He predicts a clean write-in race without roadblocks preventing the Democrats from reaching 250 votes each.

The county GOP cried foul over the mishap, calling the mistake a “fatal defect in the petition filings.” Despite the Republicans quickly judging the Democrats as unable to follow statutory rules and regulations, GOP party leader Andy Reilly said there’s no plan to run write-ins against the Democrats. Republican incumbents Colleen Morrone, Michael Culp, and John McBlain are “the only candidates we support,” he said last week.

“It’s the path of least resistance,” Reilly said Monday about the Democrats’ decision to avoid a “frivolous” and “waste-of-effort” appeal process.

Write-in candidates must garner 250 votes in the primary election to appear on November’s ballot. At least one candidate isn’t concerned about a successful turnout as a write-in.

“I don’t foresee Republican council candidates getting involved in a Democratic primary,” he said.

Reilly predicted Democrats would drop the appeal, as he expects the three candidate in  the primary.                                                 

                                                Richard Womack