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For the third month in a row, the Washington Post named Pennsylvania as the state most likely to see a party change in the governor’s office.
In August and July, the newspaper had listed Tom Corbett as the country’s most vulnerable governor. “The Fix” had previously ranked Pennsylvania’s leader as third in June and fifth in May.
In addition, “The Fix” called Rob McCord’s entrance a complication for Allyson Schwartz.

Here’s the WaPo writeup:

LANSDOWNE — One of the Democratic candidates for Delaware County Council discussed the importance of trap-neuter-and-return programs for stray cats in light of ongoing animal control issues in the county during a meeting Friday morning.


It’s a new day in Delaware County politics. The county is finally “blue.”


Once a longtime Republican stronghold, the Delaware County Democratic Party now has an edge of 319 voters over the local Republican Party. 


As of Sept. 10, the county had 385,216 total registered voters, which included inactive and active voters. Of that amount, there are 170,035 Democrats and 169,716 Republicans which left 45,465 registered with other parties or without affiliation.


Delaware County Democrats

UPPER DARBY — The Democratic candidates for Delaware County Council kicked off a listening tour of small businesses Wednesday in Upper Darby.

The Democratic candidates, Bill Clinton and Patricia Worrell, began their event at The Preschool Academy located in the 100 block of Hampden Road. They toured the school and met with school founder Verna Aggie, who is also president of the Long Lane Business Association. The school used to be located on Long Lane and is now located in the building that formerly housed St. Alice Catholic School.

The Philadelphia Inquirer  |  It’s official: The Democrats have become the largest political party in Delaware County.

Here we go again--the Republicans will not let us have a picnic in a public park. 

In July we told you about the Upper Darby police officers who told our candidate for County Controller that he was not allowed to campaign at a public Fourth of July event. Later that month we told you about the Borough of Sharon Hill denying the Sharon Hill Democratic Committee a permit for a celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream speech". 

Democrats catch Republicans in Delco

Philadelphia Inquirer | After more than a century of Republican rule, the Democrats in Delaware County have closed the gap and are poised to become the party with the largest number of registered voters.

As of Thursday, a difference of a mere 19 registered voters separated the two major parties - with 169,719 Republicans and 169,700 Democrats. The numbers represent a statistical dead heat, with each having 44 percent of the total number of registered voters.

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Hillary Clinton speaks at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.
PA-Gov #1 Most Likely to Switch Parties
Gov. Corbett is the most endangered governor in the country.