Regis­tered Demo­cratic vot­ers over­take Repub­li­cans

The Philadelphia Inquirer  |  It’s official: The Democrats have become the largest political party in Delaware County.

As of Tuesday, the Democrats have 319 more registered voters than the Republicans. The GOP has been a dominant force at the polls for more than a century. The change does not come as a surprise. Late last month, only 19 registrants separated the two parties, with the GOP maintaining the slim lead. There are now 385,216 registered voters in the county — 170,035 Democrats and 169,716 Republicans. Each party has about 44 percent of the total number of voters.

In recent years, the Philadelphia suburbs, long Republican strongholds, have been increasingly more competitive politically. Only Chester County has a Republican registration plurality, with the GOP maintaining a 7 percentage- point lead as of late last month. Democrats hold edges in Montgomery and Bucks Counties.

— Mari A. Schae­fer
The Philadelphia Inquirer
September 11, 2013