No picnic in the park?

Here we go again--the Republicans will not let us have a picnic in a public park. 

In July we told you about the Upper Darby police officers who told our candidate for County Controller that he was not allowed to campaign at a public Fourth of July event. Later that month we told you about the Borough of Sharon Hill denying the Sharon Hill Democratic Committee a permit for a celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream speech". 

And now it is happening again in Ridley Township.

In Ridley Township, the township code expressly violates the first amendment rights of any group that wants to peacefully assemble on public property. The Democratic Committee just wants to have a September picnic and the township has denied them that right. 

The Delco GOP must be stopped. Can you contribute $3 to represent the three municipalities that have fought against the Delco GOP's fear tactics? 

As we told you in July, this will not be the last time we hear about the GOP denying Democrats their rights to campaign and to assemble. But every time it happens we will be right there ready to fight for everyone's right to assemble. 

We cannot do that without your help, today! Contribute $3 today and be a part of the team defending every person's right to be a part of the community--regardless of party.

With just 56 days until polls open in Delaware County, we have been talking with voters all summer and we will continue on the path to victory this fall! Please join the fight with a $3 contribution today! 

David Landau