John Kane Raises 268k to Replace Sen. Erickson

John Kane

PA State Senate Democratic Candidate John Kane raised $268,725 in his bid for the 26th State Senate seat and will be reporting over a quarter of a million dollars cash on hand as his campaign moves into the new year.

“I am grateful for the support of my donors, whose trust and belief in our campaign proves that there is a hunger and desire to bring change to Delaware and Chester Counties and to Harrisburg.  Their confidence is inspiring and I will work to the best of my ability to ensure that their investments are worthwhile,” said Kane. “Our efforts in 2013 were only the beginning of what will be a strong and unrelenting campaign.”

John Kane lives in Delaware County and serves as Business Manager for the Plumbers Union Local 690, which serves the Philadelphia region. He also sits on SEPTA’s board.

Senate District 26 represents Delaware and Chester Counties and was formerly held by Senator Ted Erickson who is not seeking re-election. Erickson announced his retirement in August, after holding the seat since 2001 when he won in a special election.

The district leans Republican, but has been an SDCC since before Erickson decided to retire. Its party registration is 49.5% Republican, 39.4% Democratic. But in 2012 – along the lines that will be used in 2014 – it went 56% for Barack Obama and Kathleen Kane, and 58% for Sen. Bob Casey.

Delaware County Republicans are recruiting Delaware County Council Chairman Tom McGarrigle to run for the open seat. McGarrigle, 54, was elected to County Council in 2007. He is married with three sons and owns and manages an automotive service station in Springfield.

The Delco GOP is one of the state’s premier county parties, and candidates with the backing of party leadership have an enormous advantage in winning the Republican nomination but with Kane entering the new year with over a quarter of a million dollars on hand may make this a very interesting general election.