Democrats sweep as newcomers take council seats in Medi

MEDIA—Democrats swept the election, putting four newcomers into council seats. Kevin Boyer, Sayre Dixon, Amy Johnson and Lisa Johnson had community and borough volunteer experience, but will be tested as legislators.

After a fairly contentious primary with eight Democratic candidates, the “official” Media Democrats settled into a campaign of building on what are already positive quality-of-life components of the borough. On the issues of Third Street and the Wawa proposal, the team preferred following the prescribed legal and planning processes, but stopped short of more aggressively pursuing solutions.

The former Media First party with four candidates was whittled to two. Jim Cunningham and Monika Rehoric were on the Republican ballot after primary election write-ins. Cunningham had served on council a collective 26 years, elected in both parties. Rehoric was elected as a Democrat. They both cited the priority of having the Third Street Bridge/Dam restored as a two-way road, and also voiced support for the Wawa application.

Mayor Bob McMahon won re-election for his sixth term. McMahon put public safety, economic development and long-term planning at the top of his agenda. Republican opponent Tedman O’Hara believes the borough has fallen short of its potential, and cites stronger leadership has one solution.

Bob Dimond was unopposed in his re-election as tax collector.

According to unofficial results, the votes were:

Council (four at large)

Amy Johnson, Democrat 1,015

Lisa Johnson, Democrat1,010

Sayre Dixon, Democrat 974

Kevin Boyer, Democrat 955

Jim Cunningham, Republican 584

Monika Rehoric, Republican 552


Bob McMahon, Democrat 1,038

Tedman O’Hara, Republican 509