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Democratic State Senate Candidate John Kane announced Friday that he has so far raised $268,725 in his bid for the 26th State Senatorial seat being vacated by Edwin “Ted” Erickson and will be reporting more than a quarter of a million dollars cash on hand.

“I am grateful for the support of my donors, whose trust and belief in our campaign proves that there is a hunger and desire to bring change to Delaware and Chester Counties and to Harrisburg,” Kane said in a release.

Christine Flowers

To the Times:

It amazes me that Christine Flowers can willfully write column after column that defends the wicked and criticizes the honorable.

John Kane

PA State Senate Democratic Candidate John Kane raised $268,725 in his bid for the 26th State Senate seat and will be reporting over a quarter of a million dollars cash on hand as his campaign moves into the new year.

Do to the inclement weather, the monthly meeting of the Democratic Lawyers' group will not meet. 


Please stay tuned for a possible reschedule of the meeting. 

WHATEVER YOU think, it's not true that the drop-off boxes that Gov. Corbett has set up around the state for people to deliver expired or unused pharmaceuticals is his Plan B for providing health care to low income people.

Although you do have to wonder, given Corbett's apparent contempt for the poor who need health care, whether the thought crossed his mind. ("Let's redistribute those expired meds to poor people: Medicaid problem solved!")

To the Times:

Since 1997, I have been helping Pennsylvania veterans and their dependents prove their VA claims as a pro bono lawyer. There are 980,000 Pennsylvania veterans — 202,000 of these living vets are veterans of the First Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan. I am concerned that Congress is more interested in talking about “support the troops” than it is in providing meaningful assistance to our needy veterans.

Priceless campaign ad No. 112 against Tom Corbett: His nominee to head the Department of Environmental Protection stating climate change isn’t harmful.

MEDIA Fourteen Delaware County nursing-home residents whose absentee votes were tossed by a GOP poll-watcher who thought the ballots looked suspicious will have their votes counted, a County Court judge ruled Wednesday.

MEDIA COURTHOUSE — A county judge ruled in favor of nursing home residents who appealed a challenge to the absentee ballots they cast in the Nov.

MEDIA Allegations of voter fraud at a nursing home in Delaware County - where the rivalry between the major parties has intensified - has sparked a review by the district attorney's Special Prosecution Unit.