We ran the largest write-in campaign in the history of Delaware County. All three of our County Council candidates -- Richard Womack, Sharon Booker and Christine Reuther -- won the primary election and will appear on the fall ballot as our nominees. Not only did we get our incredible candidates on the ballot, but we did so with huge numbers.
What this means is that when we come together, there is nothing we can't do. We can win in DelCo, we can win in November, and we will turn Delaware County blue - together. 
Thank you to all who helped our candidates win the Democratic nomination. It appears that there were over 10,000 write-in votes cast for our three candidates. An extraordinary effort. And, we pushed turnout. Although turnout was low, preliminary results show that 5,000 more Democrats voted Tuesday than in 2013.
In the county judicial races, all three of our endorsed candidates -- Larry Abel, Larry DeMarco and Judge Anthony Scanlon won in the face of cross-filed Republican candidates. Our statewide endorsed ticket won the county as well.
In municipal and school board races, we had some great results. Although I cannot detail all of the races, here are a few highlights.  Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland prevailed in the Chester City mayoral primary and incumbent City Council members Nafis Nichols and Elizabeth Williams won as well.  In Upper Darby and Radnor School Board races, the Democrats prevailed over cross-filed Republicans. And in Prospect Park, former Delco Dems intern Justin Schivone, won both the Democratic and Republican primaries, knocking off an incumbent Republican for a seat on the Interboro School Board. Wow!
We now have some serious momentum heading in the fall campaigns. Our county team has already begun working and will campaign hard throughout the summer.
Again, thank you for all of your support. On to November!!
  David Landau