Will Delco GOP Candidates Embrace Donald Trump Openly or Behind Closed Doors?

 Media, Tuesday, September 13, 2016 — Delaware County Democratic Committee Chairman David Landau welcomed Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump to Aston Township on Tuesday, saying it demonstrates once and for all that the Delaware County Republican Party and its candidates are extreme and out of step with voters.

 “As Delaware County Republican Party officials embrace Donald Trump in a private meeting, voters will see clearly that their local party and candidates  support a presidential nominee who regularly expresses sexist views; is embraced by white supremacists, anti-Semites and xenophobes; and who holds a Russian dictator in higher esteem than the U.S. military, Gold Star families, and President Obama.”

The Delaware County Republican Party leadership has openly endorsed Trump while local candidates have been largely silent.  Landau added: “In this situation, silence can only mean acceptance.  The voters will hold candidates like Tom Killion, Alex Charlton, Patti Rodgers Morrisette and Jamie Santora accountable for their political cowardice. 

“If DelCo GOP candidates agree with Donald Trump as he attacks immigrants and Muslim Americans, they owe it to the voters to say so. Do they agree that U.S. military generals are weak and that Trump, a New York City celebrity, has sacrificed more than Gold Star parents? Then say so. Do they agree that Vladimir Putin is a stronger leader than President Obama? Say so. Are they OK with the white supremacists who embrace Trump, even if his election will put co-workers and neighbors in danger? Say so.

“Trump’s divisive message does not resonate in Delaware County and will be firmly rejected on November 8th. Those who stand with him or refuse to stand up to him will also be rejected.”