Delco Dems Chair David Landau's Statement on PA House Passage of the Strictest Abortion Ban in America

Media, Tuesday, June 21, 2016 — Delaware County Democratic Committee Chairman David Landau on Tuesday released a statement following the vote on PA House Bill 1948:

“The passage of H.B. 1948 is an embarrassment for the entire state of Pennsylvania. Unsurprisingly, each Republican House member from Delaware County voted in favor of this attack on women’s health and doctors that would give our state the most restrictive abortion ban in the country.

"This restriction on women’s health represents far more than a political divide between Republicans and Democrats. It highlights the Republican Party’s lack of respect for science, medical professionals, and women.

“It is especially shameful that every Delaware County Republican representative voted for this intrusive and harmful bill. In particular, Reps. Nick Micarrelli and Jamie Santora voted against the wishes of their districts and will have to answer to the voters this November. It underscores why we need more women representatives in Harrisburg, which has fewer women in the state legislature than Afghanistan and why we must fight to elect more Democrats who will stand up for the rights of all Pennsylvanians.”