Media, Saturday, July 16, 2016 — Delaware County Democratic Committee Chairman David Landau on Saturday released a statement following the announcement of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s running mate:

“It's official: The 2016 Republican presidential ticket and platform is the most anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ, anti-people of color in a generation. Donald Trump and Mike Pence want to take our country back to a time of racial segregation, religious persecution, and the disenfranchisement of anyone who is not white and male. The Trump-Pence ticket is a grave threat to liberty and equality for all -- the very principles on which this nation was founded. 

"One thing Donald Trump and Mike Pence deserve credit for is their blatant honesty about their anti-American views. Will Delaware County Republicans be similarly frank with residents and voters? Every Republican seeking to represent the hardworking and decent people of Delaware County -- from Pat Toomey to Pat Meehan, from Tom Killion to Jamie Santora -- should be up front about where they stand on the Trump-Pence ticket. Reminder: Every Republican legislator representing Delaware County -- including Nick Miccarelli, Stephen Barrar, Bill Adolph, Killion and Santora – supports the aptly titled HB 1948, an unconstitutional assault on reproductive health that puts women’s lives at risk. 

Will DelCo Republicans follow Trump down the road toward attacking Mexican Americans and Muslims? Who will be next on their list? Pat Toomey, Pat Meehan and DelCo Republican state legislators cannot stand by in silence while their party leaders lob racial, ethnic, gender, and homophobic attacks on Delaware County residents. The voters of Delaware County will show them that such indifference and cowardice are unacceptable.”